GW Implementation Solutions was founded on a vision to support online programs to reach their absolute potential. GW Implementation Solution’s co-founders, Crystal Guiler and Jennifer Whiting, have a combined experience of 30 years working with Higher Education and K12 districts.  During this time, they have noted the challenges that arose during the implementation phases of digital learning programs. Through a partnership with GW Implementation Solutions, public and private K12 and Higher Ed organizations will gain consultation services from experts in online education to serve the implementation of a learning structure that supports students, teachers, administration, and stakeholders at any stage in their online program.

"Focus EduVation's projects with Crystal Guiler have all been efficient, effective, and successful.  From kickoff to completion, she has been a capable partner shepherding the project with a deft touch and great vision. Crystal always has the big picture in mind, this enables her to articulate the expectations of the project stakeholders very well.’"   Vik Aurora, Sr. VP- Strategic Partnerships - Focus Eduvation


"I have personally known and worked with Jennifer Whiting in a professional manner for over 10 years. We collaborated on National and International Standards for K-12 Education and brought together thought leaders in the K-12 world to help drive some much-needed Interoperability Specifications for the K-12 Space. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and provided great leadership on the work we co-led. She brings a vast knowledge of the K-12 Technology space and understands the challenges of moving school districts from a purely print-based environment to blended and full digital environments." Chris Chung, Founder & CEO Sustain-ED

"Crystal Guiler is a thought-leader on the front lines.  Her creativity in finding solutions is next to none and her work is impeccable, and always on time. She’s a tireless worker and is a great collaborator and communicator.  Every project she’s done for my company has been innovative, profitable, and scalable.  I will always be a raving fan customer." Casey Reason, Ph.D.



Let us help you with educational solutions! GW Implementation Solutions is designed for K12 and Higher Ed private and public organizations whose vision of online learning in their infancy, are restructuring, or are experiencing challenges in specific places in their journeys.  After an initial evaluation of your vision for your online experience, GW Implementation Solutions offers several services to ensure success within your digital program. These services will be customized to your needs with a free digital program analysis identifying some, or all, of the following.  These customized consultation services may be provided either online or in-person depending on the needs of your program.

Consultation services will help your organization

  • Complete and execute strategic planning

  • Planning for continuation of education in the pandemic world. 

  • Choose/improve implementation of the right Student Information System

  • Choose/improve implementation of the Learning Management System

  • Analyze, purchase and implement the appropriate curriculum for your program.

  • Develop and implement processes for creating online curriculum

  • Bring the right people on board to see the program to success

  • Support the implementation of both curriculum and technical solutions

  • Organize the right technology to meet your online or blended learning goals

  • Create or support the chosen instructional model, training, and teacher support systems

Curriculum Development

  • Assessment Development

  • Lesson Content Development

  • Standard Alignment


  • Measure their strategic goals

  • Perform sales and ROI analysis to ensure consistent and accurate metrics are used for decision-making

  • Create and implement online curriculum

  • Ensure proper adherence to accessibility laws

  • Create an innovation process for your organization

Ongoing monitoring will provide

  • Bi-annual analysis of program success, identification of challenges, and resolutions for these challenges.

  • Annual analysis to ensure that the program vision stays consistent or transforms with program growth.



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